Finding Each Other by Peter G Johnson

Jenny had tried so hard to live up to her own mental picture of what the life of a well-behaved wife and mother looked like. She’d tried so hard for seven years, but then the gods had thrown a well-endowed young African student into the center of her life.

If Jenny had just been left to her own devices, she’d probably have been able to resist temptation. She had indeed resisted gamely for several weeks, until an invitation to a Christmas party and my encouragement as her over-eager husband pushed her over the edge.

One night of weakness gave way to three months of determined resistance until once again I managed to find a way to undermine her determination to stay faithful.

As she experienced her second fall, I think we both knew in our hearts that there was no going back. Sada, the young African stud who’d had her twice, was around for another five months and was unlikely to be denied.

And even if and when he did head back to Africa, there’d be no shortage of temptation for my beautiful thirty-one-year-old wife.


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