Seven Minutes in Heaven by Harper Warde

Overview: Harper Warde lives a life of perpetual motion, where inspiration tends to find her. Dip into her collection of steamy shorts to revel in the exploits of adventurous couples who love each other as much as they love pushing the boundaries of monogamy in the pursuit of mind-blowing sex.

The Hotwife Games is a steamy new series following Jenna's journey to becoming a hotwife. Each story puts a fun and sexy twist on a familiar party game. After you're finished reading, Twister will never look the same!

[Previously published as 'Game Night: Seven Minutes in Heaven' by Harper Warde. This publication represents a reimagining of that story.]

When my husband confessed that he desperately wanted to share me with another man, I was shocked to discover the desire it awakened deep within me. There was just one problem: we'd recently moved back to our small hometown, a town where everyone knows everyone and there are no strangers to seduce. It seemed we'd reached an impasse, until one night a solution appeared in the form of Ollie, our best friend from high school. He was more than happy to help me fulfill my husband's wildest fantasies.

But it's been a few weeks since our last encounter, and I'm desperate for more. Who can resist a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven? And who could blame us for what we might get up to in a dark closet once our seven minutes are up?


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